A case study for an end-to-end national campaign rollout

Campaign print, POS and logistics

The Challenge

Domino’s Pizza have over 110 stores across New Zealand. Their regular marketing campaigns involve multiple print elements. Given the size and scale of the business, the logistics are complex. Orders are collated for every store and every week over 500,000 pieces need to be printed, packed and distributed to the correct locations, on time. This includes posters, corflute wobble boards, trans-lites, flyers and more.

The Solution

With the comprehensive capabilities we have across Blue Star and our ability to produce all required formats, we are able to deliver all of the various print solutions for each Domino’s Pizza campaign.

The Blue Star Advantage

In addition to printing and logistics, we have set up Domino’s Head Office so they can use collated pricing and LSM quantities to analyse store sales based on marketing materials used. Each store has the ability to choose their own pricing tier; this means the internal marketing team can measure against a number of criteria including the effectiveness of each pricing tier, right down to an individual stores performance in a particular city.

The Results

Blue Star and the specific solutions we deliver have helped maximise each Domino’s Pizza store’s potential. It’s simple and proven: printed campaign material helps them sell more pizzas.