A case study in dynamic, data driven professional reports

Customer Communications

The Challenge

ACC provide detailed, personal claim and injury type reports to all 16,000 practicing professionals such as GP’s, Nurses, Chiropractors and Physiotherapists. The information is unique to each provider and displayed in a dashboard format. A National summary report was generated – a consolidation of all individual data for the associated professional group leaders.

There were a number of challenges for ACC; previous reports were hard copy, lacked cut through and were difficult to quickly digest and understand key information. The reports did not provide a feedback mechanism for professionals to seek further information or clarify questions about the data represented. In fact, there was no way of knowing if the reports were being read at all.

The Solution

The Blue Star team worked alongside ACC and their design agency to develop an impactful and highly variable digital newsletter to send to all recipients by email, providing recipients with a snapshot of key information, leading them to the full report via an attached eNewsletter.

It also allowed the reader to provide feedback on the report or contact their local ACC Engagement and Performance Manager for more information. Twitter and Facebook links were also added and monitored as well as an unsubscribe function.

Individual and national reports for two of the eight professional groups are deployed every two months.

Weekly reports were generated and sent to ACC for review and action. Reports included detailed information; send and open rates, hard and soft bounces, device and support software used.

The Blue Star Advantage

Blue Star use GMC Inspire software, a Customer Communications Management (CCM) tool to build the complex base templates, overlaid with a high level of complex variable data. This enables a large number of accurate, complex and highly visual data driven reports to be developed in a timely and cost effective manner.

The ACC ‘your dashboard’ email was assigned and set-up by way of a Domain Name System key change (DNS) and masked so that the emails appeared to be coming directly from ACC to meet ACC’s security requirements.

The Result

Initial feedback from recipients has been very positive with many wanting to better understand the background data matrices and how it makes up the report. This
has led to ongoing review and development of the dashboard.

The reports have also created positive feedback and conversations between ACC and providers, with a number contacting their advisor, requesting re-sends of their reports.

A survey has been developed and will be sent out soon to all recipients to gather additional feedback and suggestions for future reports.